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Laneways downtown may be getting some changes

Council is looking at making some changes to the laneways downtown. City Engineer Luc Duval says they are looking at putting up signs in the lanes to mark them as one way. Although there haven’t been any large accidents because of the confusing lanes now, there have been fender benders, and the potential for a bigger crash is there. Duval says this is a way to bring some cohesion to the downtown.

“Some logistical movements in the downtown make it more friendly, more usable, less risky,” explains Duval.

The idea went over well at council, with Councillor Mike Doody saying the lanes can be frustrating as they are now.

“You see a car, or a pick up truck, that has left the truck and gone wherever,” says Doody. “And you’re there, halfway down, with nowhere to go. You can’t go forward, and it’s very difficult to back up all the way down.”

Doody says the idea is a good effort. The only caveat to the pitch is the BIA wants a chance to chime in. They will look at the idea, give their input, and then council will be able to officially make the change.

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