Back into the water for our weekly look at Timmins history now, but for the next few weeks, we’re giving up the lakes and rivers for swimming pools.

The first of the perennial talk about pools began in 1929. The Kiwanis Club planned a big one for Wilson Avenue, across from the historic log home that’s still there.

Timmins Museum director-curator Karen Bachmann says the grand plan included change rooms and lifeguards.

“Nothing really came of it, though,” she narrates. “I mean the project got stalled and all that . So it did finally install a small wading pool on Balsam, across from what would have been the Timmins Rink, which is now our post office.

“There’s one photograph from the Porcupine Advance actually of that lovely little wading pool, and it looks like there’s 100 kids squashed into a cement bunker, with water up to their knees.”

Next week, we dip into a swimming pool where the Mattagami River beach now is.