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NEOMA asks Northern Mayors to join a task force against “eco-terrorism”

Timmins City Councillor Michael Doody is helping to lead the way in a campaign against Greenpeace. The North Eastern Ontario Municipal Association (NEOMA), of which Doody is the Chair, is working with Cochrane and Hearst Mayors to form a task force.

They are talking about the advantages of forming an alliance when it comes to environmental extremism, like the campaigns weve recently seen from Greenpeace.

“As mayors we can no longer sit by while policies are being formed by government that are driven by extremists with money, that continue to put our communities at both short term and long term risk,” says Hearst Mayor, Roger Sigouin. “There was clearly a sense of commonality between us as Mayors at our meeting and it’s time for us to take the next steps in doing the responsible thing for the families we represent. This includes working with government to find solutions and recognizing that the best scientists are the people who live here”

“Every now and then a paradigm shift takes place that provides an opportunity for a historical evolution to unfold. My sense is that opportunity is here now and I left the meeting with the other mayors feeling energized and hopeful,” continues Cochrane’s Mayor, Peter Politis. “The onslaught of policy and social engineering taking place in our regions that is counter intuitive to the development and growth of an entire race of people and their way of life, has been allowed to reach dangerous proportion. I’m looking forward to seeing if the pieces can be lined up in a way that helps us become more effective at balancing the scales.”

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“This is an extremely important initiative where NEOMA has a lot at stake associated to the outcome,” summed up Timmins City Counillor, and NEOMA Chair, Michael Doody. “Anytime municipalities can align and work in unison with each other on common goals is a great opportunity for local families to succeed, and in this case to find relief. I’m looking forward to Mayors Sigouin’s and Politis’s report.”

The report will come at the next NEOMA meeting in September.

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