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Water filtration system is pretty close to perfect, says Bamford

City council is applauding the work done on water filtration. Public Works presented their annual report to council Monday, in which they say of more than 11-million cubic metres of water was pumped out of the Mattagami last year, and there were no harmful effects. Councillor Pat Bamford says they are pretty close to perfection.

“There are no adverse effects for bacteria, e-coli, chemicals,” says Bamford. “One for low chlorine, and that’s because it’s at the very end in a development area.

“We’re running huge numbers of kilometres of piping through our city. Right across from the Mattagami River out to, beyond where I live, in Porcupine. It’s incredible.”

Bamford says residents have to be satisfied, with the huge number of pipes throughout the city, and a 100% inspection rating in 2014.  Mayor Steve Black says this is a testament to the hard work everyone in the Public Works department does to ensure clean drinking water.

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