We’re back out on the road today, for our weekly look at Timmins history.

Last week, we talked about the muddy, rutty mess that roads were.. in the early 1910s. Museum director-curator Karen Bachmann picks up on that.

“People do what they have to do,” she comments. “We try to maintain roads. We put oil on them, an oil mixture so keep the dust down, because that was another issue.”

Bachmann adds that a challenge in the late teens and early twenties was picking up a passenger at the train station on Spruce Street, and getting your car mired in the mud.

Then there was the road to South Porcupine.

“That’s sort of a gravelly, not quite gravelly, morassy bit,” is Bachmann’s assessment. “So when that finally opens up and people can actually use a car to go in between, that’s a really big deal.”

We’ll still be on the road next week, dealing with what came first? – a certain building or the road in front of it.