Thursday is Earth Day, and the city of Timmins has an all-ages art contest called “What does Earth Day mean to you?”

Environmental coordinator Christina Beaton says you have until tomorrow (Wed.) to submit your artwork showing how you celebrate, support and restore our Earth.

“Because the Earth Day theme for  2021 is ‘Restore our Earth’.”

Prizes will be awarded and some of the art used in promotional material.

Beaton says you can plant seeds indoors to later be transplanted outdoors.  That helps reduce your carbon food footprint.

And you can help feed natural pollinators such as bees, butterflies and bats.

“There’s a variety of different plants that we have that are perennials, annuals, native, non-native plants,” Beaton points out.  “We have a list available on our website.”

That website is

Doing things outdoors to help feed pollinators – bees, butterflies and bats among them – is another way you can mark Earth Day.

Beaton says there’s a wide variety of plants that do that. Dandelions, for instance, are among their first foods of the season.

“Dandelions and weeds essentially should not be greater than 8” in length,” she explains. “So if you can keep a patch of dandelions and just make sure that you’re still abiding by the bylaw, you could still keep food for the pollinators.”

Take this 3-minute Earth Day quiz