If a certain puppy could talk, he would call Nate Carroll his knight in shining armour. But Carroll needs financial help to continue in that role.

He and his wife stopped at McDonald’s at the bottom of Thibeault Hill in North Bay Sunday, en route to Timmins.  While there, there was a collision between a couple of cars in the intersection.  Two young men from one of the cars took off on foot.

Carroll and two other men chased the pair down, then police intervened at gunpoint.  Carroll ended up with the men’s puppy.  The dog has an eye injury.  A veterinarian says he’s about two months old and a pitbull, but can’t say how he sustained the injury.  Carroll says neither can the vet say what’s wrong with the eye, because the pup’s too squirmy.

“We’re already at $375 and if his eye is not better with the drops by Friday,” Carroll outlines, “they have to sedate him and go in there and try and find whatever’s in here and get it out.”

The problem is, Carroll can’t afford the bills.

“Now I need as much help as possible.  If anybody is willing to help with trying to help us with a gofundme account or help us figure it out or any donations would be greatly appreciated.”

If you want to help, reach out to Nate Carroll right here.