Spring starts tomorrow morning, so as you start thinking of gardening, the C.M. Shields Library in South Porcupine has a novel idea. Branch head Louise Gaudette says a free Zoom session on Tuesday, April 20th will deal with gardening in straw bales instead of dirt in the ground.

“You do have to condition them but it makes a really, really good place to grow,” she says, “and it decomposes, so it’s nourishing your plants at the same time and it doesn’t take a lot of space.”

Gaudette tried straw gardening last year.  As her plants grew, the decomposing straw fed them. “It’s phenomenal how much you can grow faster in the season, because the decomposition creates a heat, so you can start growing earlier and it lasts longer in the year.”

Master gardener Catherine Cribbs will conduct the Zoom session.  For details, go here.