Don’t be surprised if snowmobile trails deteriorate Tuesday and Wednesday, due to the spring weather.

Gilbert Fortin is communications coordinator for the Timmins Snowmobile Club.

“Mainly there could be quite a bit of water on the trails themselves in some areas that we had seen some washouts there a few weeks ago,” he tells My Timmins Now Dot Com.  “This may definitely aggravate it.”

Fortin adds a precaution about crossing rivers and lakes.  He says the ice could be in bad shape. “And if it’s not in bad shape,” he adds, “the top itself will be just like a quicksand and you could easily get stuck, especially if you have lots of snow, you mix snow and water and well, you almost have a drink.”

The ITG – interactive travel guide – is a snowmobiler’s best friend. Fortin says it will keep you updated on trail conditions and closures.