The days of waiting for blood tests at LifeLabs in Timmins might be over. In the legislature, Timmins MPP Gilles Bisson outlined the problem, and a solution.

“You’re having to wait three weeks in order to get blood work and various tests done,” he noted. “And when you do end up at the LifeLabs office, it’s a fairly long wait and that has been really difficult, specifically on seniors and those who are not doing so well.”

Bisson says he’s made arrangements with LifeLabs to allow doctor’s offices, health clinics and qualified health care workers to draw the blood.

“We all know that COVID has brought a new reality to the world and I was glad to be able to work with LifeLabs and hopefully we can make this happen. It’ll be a way of being able to reduce the wait times for the citizens that we all represent.”

Bisson told the legislature that LifeLabs will provide the necessary paraphernalia to whoever needs it.