A mere 12 days short of being closed for a year, the Archie Dillion Sportsplex swimming pool is open again.  Aquatics supervisor Amanda Nadeau says the first swimmers jumped in at 8:30am Monday. It shut down last March 13th,  at the beginning of the first pandemic lockdown.

Nadeau also says it’s a lot different than when it closed at the beginning of the first pandemic lockdown, because of safety protocols she calls “pretty simple”.

“The first piece of advice is for you to go onto our website and look up our return to swim guidelines to kind of give you that really big picture of what to expect inside of the facility, as well as just taking a look at the actual schedule,” she explains.

There’s also an online reservation system where you can book three swims a week, two days in advance.

COVID-19 isn’t the only reason for the extended shutdown. “Major capital construction items that ended up sustaining a few delays,” Nadeau points out, “but it looks like a new building, so it’s very welcoming and we’re all very excited to have everybody come back.”