A sure sign that spring’s approaching: so is income tax season.

For the 15th straight year, a group of volunteers has set up shop at the 101 Mall to help anyone who qualifies, free of charge.

Volunteer coordinator Ann Dysart says it’s mostly low-income earners, depending on household incomes.

“It’s $40,000 for a couple, $30,000 for a single person,” she explains. “But if you have children, it goes up higher and if you’re in doubt to see if you qualify or not, just give me a quick call, because there’s always an exception to every rule.”

The phone number is 705-267-3147. The office is open from 9:00am until noon, Monday to Thursday.

The office is provided free by the mall owner.  But Dysart says her group is affiliated with the organization “Smiles and Hugs for Canadian Kids”, and it provides the insurance the mall needs.

“So we ask for donations for the kids and if they put something in, that’s fine and if they can’t afford to put anything in there, that’s fine too.”

If you live in Porcupine or South Porcupine and can’t make it in to Timmins, Dysart’s office will refer you to volunteers in that end of the city.