The medical officer of health in our region says she can’t give a specific date when we’ll all be able to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Dr. Lianne Catton says before that, second doses have to be given to people in high-risk categories… and first doses to staff and essential caregivers in places like long-term care homes and congregant settings.

“As we get further into the vaccine program plan and further into the process where we have a steady state of vaccine coming in,” she pledges, “we will be able to share sort of more definitive timelines.”

So far, the Porcupine Health Unit has been using the Moderna vaccine.

“That is the vaccine that we have been providing, the one that we expect to continue to provide,” Catton notes, “although we are more than ready to respond to any additional vaccines and we’ll definitely be ready to pivot as need be.”

The MOH is urging anyone who is hesitant to be vaccinated to base their final decision on information from the health unit and other credible sources.  She’s concerned about all the misinformation on the internet.