Timmins Police are investigating a case of porch piracy, and hope photos of the pirate help track him down.

Photos from a home security camera show the man removing a package from near the front door of the home on Fifth Avenue. Police communications coordinator Marc Depatie says it was shortly before 9:30am on January 6th.

“There is a logo on the suspect’s jacket, we can’t quite make that out,” notes Depatie, “but if anybody is able to identify this person, if they would provide that information to the police, we can take effective steps in locating this person.”

The suspect’s eyes are clearly visible.
(Timmins Police Service)

The man is wearing a COVID mask, but his eyes can be seen clearly.

“Yeah, there is come distinctive features about the facial area,” Depatie states. So we’re hopeful that either his manner of dress or his basic physical appearance will seem familiar to someone who wants to do the right thing.”

You can call police directly, or anonymously via Crime Stoppers.  If you use the p3 app, quote incident number TI21000719.