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Spring clean up schedule

The spring clean up schedule is out. Starting June 1st, the clean up lets residents get rid of any junk that may be laying around. No more than half a pick up truck is allowed for each person.

Clean up rules:

1. Volume of material to be collected per residence is limited to no more than half a standard HALF (½) pick-up truck or approximately 60 cubic feet

2. Materials which will NOT be collected:

2.1. No Concrete and asphalt
2.2. No Batteries
2.3. No Tires
2.4. No Electronics
2.5. No propane tanks
2.6. No white goods or items that contain Freon
2.7. No recyclables
2.8. No paints/liquids/fuels/chemicals

3. When will Collection Crews go by?: Collection crews will only do one (1) pass through an area.

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4. When do I put my material out?: Residents are to have their material at the curb no more than two (2) days prior to their scheduled collection day.

5. All containers (cans/recycle boxes) with waste will be collected with the waste. Do not put out containers (ie garbage bins, and so on) with the Spring Cleanup pile unless you want to get rid of the container.

6. What happens if material is not acceptable?: Material not in compliance with the guidelines will not be collected. The resident will be required to remove such material from the street within 48 hours.

7. Will Tipping Fees be waived at the landfill during Spring Cleanup? Tipping fees will not be waived at the landfill during spring cleanup.

Full schedule:

Spring Clean Up

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