The return to a state of  emergency means a return to conditions from the previous one last spring.

Timmins Mayor George Pirie says city hall will be closed to the public.  Any business can be done online through Service Timmins.  Outdoor rinks will remain open, providing groups don’t exceed five people… and transit will be running as it has.

“If the ridership is significantly reduced, of course we’ll have to react differently,” the mayor notes.  “But our plans right now are to leave it alone. I mean there will still be a lot of businesses open.”

His Worship is also proud of how well the people of his city have complied with pandemic restrictions so far.

“They’ve been exceptionally well behaved,” Pirie comments. “I know that we’re anxious to get through this and we’re looking for announcements regarding the rollout for the vaccines. Just continue to be patient. We will get through this.”

The state of emergency goes into effect at one minute after midnight.

Mayor George Pirie
(City of Timmins)