No collisions, delays, or road closures to report,



Public works crews are doing daytime snow removal this week.

Work during the day is done from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

  • Monday, Jan. 11

    Mountjoy – Bonaventure, Majestic
    South Porcupine – Crawford from Golden to Fern, Main from Shamrock to Fern, Moore from Quebec to Fern

  • Tuesday, Jan. 12

    Timmins – Elm from Fifth to Ninth, Maple from Fifth to dead end, Birch from Fifth to Dead end, Fifth from Mountjoy to Cedar
    South Porcupine – Golden, Powell, Huot from dead end to Essa

  • Wednesday, Jan. 13

    Timmins – JV Bonhomme, College from Reg Pope to Westmount, Westmount, Victoria
    South Porcupine – Bloor, Legion from Quebec to Fern, Strachan, Quebec

  • Thursday, Jan. 14

    Schumacher – Father Costello, Vipond, Grant, Croatia

  • Friday, Jan. 15

    Schumacher – Dwyer, Fourth, Les Hall, Hollinger, Battochio, Aura Lake, Lionscrest

If you see a collision, a road closure, have an update, or anything else, please call 93.1 Moose FM at: