It’ll be just like there’s a hall there, when Centre Culturel La Ronde kicks off its fundraising campaign for a new hall tomorrow.

Executive director Lisa Bertrand says it will be on the lot where the old building stood, and the new building will stand.

It will feature a lot of entertainment and the lighting of a 20-foot Christmas tree full of bows that each represents a $50.00 donation.

“This event is super symbolic for us,” Bertrand explains, “because the theme is Batir Ensemble – to build together. People from the community bought bows, building this Christmas tree together and you know, we’re launching if off this empty lot.”

Indoor COVID-19 protocols will be in place, even though the event is outdoors, running from about 2:00 to 6:30pm tomorrow.

The sign representing the project to build a new Centre Culturel LaRonde. Top left is the familiar sign welcoming people to the former building.
(Bob McIntyre, staff)

By this time next year,  Bertrand hopes to be celebrating the official opening of the new building, on the site of the old one that had to be demolished after a fire.

“This community centre – le centre culturel – is going to reach out for the whole community, not only Francophones,” Bertrand asserts. “Of course it’s a Francophone building and it is French services, but we’re going to have beautiful events and we’re going to have an amazing hall that people can benefit from.”

Bertrand hopes that construction will begin in April.