Get ready, Mountjoy Township.  Santa Claus is coming to town this Saturday.

The Mountjoy Volunteer Fire Brigade has made arrangements to have Santa on a float for a drive-by visit on all the streets in the area, between 1:00 and 4:00pm.

Fire Captain Jason Mason says there will be two or three fire trucks accompanying the jolly old elf.  They’ll let you know when its time to head out to the curb to see him.

“You’ll hear the fire trucks going,’ says Capt. Mason.  There’ll be one a little bit further up than Santa with sirens and he’ll be letting people know Santa’s coming.”

You might want to take selfies with Santa in the background. But be quick – Mason says the trucks won’t stop.

 “If they see them, the truck will slow down a little bit, but Santa will not be climbing on and off the float. We have to protect Santa from Covid as well.”

This is one of only a handful of pre-Christmas trips from the North Pole for Santa.  There is no COVID-19 up there, and he wants to protect the elves and Mrs. Santa from catching the virus.