Ted Bendell and his wife Peggy know the pain of Christmas shortly after losing a loved one.  They’ve gone through it with the deaths of two of their sons.

“Grief makes Christmas feel unreal,” Ted remarks.

That’s why Ted is team leader for two seminars from the GriefShare organization and the Bible Fellowship Assembly in Porcupine. One session is Zoom on Sunday, November 29t; the other in person on Wednesday, December 2nd, both from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

Ted says the purpose of the “Surviving the Holidays” seminar is to give a grieving person some tools to work with.

“To help them say ‘Listen, I would love to come over, but I’ll tell you the day of, because it might not be a good day. I don’t know’,” he explains.

A 45-minute video features professional counsellors and first-person testimonials, followed by a discussion period.  He says you will recognize yourself in the activity.

“And discover that they’re not alone; that other people have gone through and are going through parallel circumstance.”

Pre-registration is required.  Call Ted Bendell at 705-360-0697 or email t.bendell@ieee.org .

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