We’re in the middle of Crime Prevention Week, which has Timmins Police Service Const. Caroline Rouillard reminding us all to lock it or lose it.

“Have to remind people because sometimes there are things that we don’t think about when we’re going about our daily lives, right?” she remarks.

Especially with cars, it’s a crime of opportunity that’s often a case of the owner forgetting to lock it.

“It’s easy in and out and it’s quick,” says Rouillard, “so most oftentimes ‘Oh, I forgot to lock my car that night’ or even during the day ‘Oh, I left my car running and I just went inside really quickly’ and them someone either steals from the vehicle or the vehicle in totality.”

Rouillard says that type of theft can happen any time, day or night.

We’re nearing Christmas season, which is prime time for opportunistic thieves.  Const. Rouillard advises you to keep your purchases in the trunk of your car while you’re shopping.

“What we’re trying to do is not leave things in plain sight and not to entice the thief. So if they don’t see the opportunity or they don’t see the object, or if there’s anything worth to steal, then it may discourage them from doing so.”