Whether it’s from going door-to-door in your neighbourhood or staying home and having your own party, your household will have a lot of Halloween candy.

The past president of the Ontario Dental Association has a list of good and bad treats for your teeth.

“Chocolate lovers delight! Yes!” says Dr. LouAnn Visconti of Timmins, adding that plain chocolate bars are the best treat.

“If it’s plain chocolate,” she explains, “it can be dissolved and quickly washed away in your mouth. So it doesn’t hang around and bathe you teeth in sugar for a long time. It gets washed away rather quickly.”

Another tip is to eat cheese before your start eating candy.

“If you eat cheese before treats, it actually can coat your teeth, that helps protect against sugary candies and development of cavities,” Dr. Visconti says.

For her complete list of what’s okay, what’s not, and how to protect your teeth, listen to the full interview below.