Here’s a little bit of peace of mind for any caregiver of a person with a cognitive or developmental disability in Timmins.

Police have established a Vulnerable Persons Registry.  Communications coordinator Marc Depatie says it contains valuable information about someone who’s at risk of wandering off or becoming involved in an incident.

“The information about that person can be privately provided to the police service,” Depatie explains, “so that should an event occur, we will have that information at the ready, to be distributed to our search and rescue and responding officers as well.”

A photo can also be attached.

Depatie adds that should the person become lost or involved in a police matter, the information is a computer stroke away.

“A good measure of the time when such calls are received, a significant amount of time is devoted to collecting information. If we have it already on file that saves us a step and better allows us to respond more effectively.”

You can get involved at, under “non-police services”.