Road conditions have already changed from summer to fal, with winter conditions not far behind.

OPP Const. Michelle Simard says you have to take extra precautions while driving all winter… and during this part of the fall.

“Sometimes it gets really cold overnight and with a light mist on the highway,” she notes. “That can cause some black ice situations, so we really need to take some extra care when we’re travelling early in the morning.”

Simard advises the driving version of something we’ve become accustomed to lately:  keeping a safe distance.  And be alert behind the wheel, without any distractions.

“Don’t be on your cellphone. Be well rested, just to avoid these collisions that can happen and they happen quick. It doesn’t take very long for you to be hitting some ince. Next thing you know, you’re in the ditch.”

The constable also recommends that you install your winter tires soon.