The co-owner of Get Ribbed Smokehouse and Barbecue in Timmins says next year’s ban on single-use plastics will mean a price increase for her customers.

Antonella Dupras says the pandemic has already interrupted one plan she and her husband had, even before the ban takes effect at the end of 2021.

“We were hoping to have customers come in with their own containers,” she states. “That way we would be helping the environment by reducing what we were putting out as single-use plastics.”

Dupras hopes the pandemic is over by then, so that customers can bring their own containers and bags.

“Not sure what we’re going to do with cutlery yet,” she adds. “We have looked at different containers. There’s some nice containers out there that are cardboard based, which of course is recyclable. So that will probably be the route that we’ll have to take.”

Dupras says she’s not too worried yet, with more than a year to find alternatives.