Your teenager might consider a silver lining from the pandemic to be not having to write a high school exam.

Not all students are being subjected to exams.

District School Board Ontario North East director Lesleigh Dye says teachers are determining what makes the most sense.

“For example, for our senior students in Grade 11 and Grade 12,” she explains, “if they’re in a university pathway course, it does make sense that there would be an exam for the students, that is preparation for their post-secondary studies.”

The schools are operating on “octomesters” of one course for about 22 days. Final marks for those who don’t write exams are being determined by other class work and activities.

Dye is asking students and teachers for feedback on the one-period day – what’s working and what needs improvement.

“It’s new for everyone and there are some growing pains,” she admits. “I think there definitely are some advantages and definitely some things we need to improve upon.”

DSB-1 operates nine high schools between the Tri-Towns and Hearst.