The McIntyre Curling Club is hoping that COVID-19 hasn’t swept away any interest in the sport.

It’s holding registration for members at all levels on the evenings of October 6th, 7th and 8th between 5:00 and 8:00pm.  You can also register online.

President Steve Meunier says Curling Canada is instituting various safety measures, such as players standing at least six feet apart from each other on the ice.

“There’s some rule changes that will apply,” Meunier adds, “where an opposing skip could sweep a rock behind the T line while in the house, that’s no longer permitted and there’ll only be one sweeper allowed to sweep a rock down the length of the ice.”

Among other measures dictated and recommended by the national body and the local health unit is a A maximum of 50 people in the lounge and 50 people on the ice.

“Six sheets of ice times eight curlers is 48, so if we fill our building every draw, we’d only have 48 people on the ice anyway,” says the president.

When they’re on the ice, it’s recommended but not mandatory that those 48 curlers wear face masks.

The ice plant at the Mac will be booted up this Thursday.