Another annual event has been forced out of the real world and on to the internet.

This year’s Doors Open Timmins has had to digitize itself.

Nicola Alexander is the chair of the municipal heritage committee. She says this way might even be better than in-person, to get an inside look at eleven heritage sites in the city.

“If they go to the Timmins-Porcupine listing, they will be able to access photographs, they will find links to more information,” she explains. “They may discover a YouTube video or two. For each site, we’ve tried to tell a different story.”

You can link to it here. Alexander says it will be online until the end of November.

“In fact, it’s already up online. If anyone is interested, they can go to the Ontario Heritage Trust website and they’ll be able to access the information for Timmins-Porcupine.”

The museum and the Hollinger House in its courtyard will be open to in-person visits. Alexander’s committee is promoting visiting from Friday until September 26th,  and hopes you include the Timmins and Whitney cemeteries in your excursion.