The longest serving female Timmins city councilor is stepping down. Ward five’s Noella Rinaldo won’t be going far as she is taking a job with the Timmins Economic Development Corporation as a Director of Community Economic Development. Rinaldo who has been on council since 2010 says this wasn’t an easy decision.

“It allows me to continue the work to better the city,” she said of her decision. “It helps me utilize those skills and contacts that I have made the last 10 years as a councilor, and a director with the BIA. It just felt that the time was right and it was the best thing to do. I’m disappointed that I give up my position as a councilor, but I’m excited because I will continue the work that I was doing in a different capacity.”

Rinaldo says that for the first two terms she was the lone female on council and added that she wasn’t concerned about attending event and being the lone women there.

“I never felt uncomfortable, and I was always felt welcomed,” she said. “This term we have two females on board and one is on maternity leave which hasn’t happened before. That’s very exciting I think. I’m happy to see that council is starting to look more like the people they are representing. We still have a long way to go and I am hoping that more females and people are able to apply to run for council, and they will get voted in. I think you need to have that diversity.”

Councilor John Curley thanked Rinaldo for her years of dedication and hard work.

“You have always worked for the community and tried to make it a better place,” he said. “We are all better for your involvement here and we thank you for your hard work.”

A report on how the city will fill the Ward 5 vacancy is expected at the next council meeting in September.