Everything about the pandemic is making history, and as of Monday, you can examine the past history of Timmins again, as the museum reopens.

Director-curator Karen Bachmann says that includes the permanent Timmins exhibit and, by the second week of July, one from the Canadian Museum of Science and Technology called “The Taste of Food”.

“We are limiting the amount of people who can be in the museum at once,” Bachmann says, explaining the COVID-19 protocol.  “So we have a maximum of 20 people and that’s spread out between the two galleries and the gift shop area.  We will also be enforcing social distancing.  There will be hand sanitizing at all different stations throughout the museum.”

Safety measures extend to the gift shop.

“If you’re interested in clothing and you try on some clothing but you don’t want it, we take it and we’ll steam it and then it goes into quarantine for a while,” says Bachmann, “and we’ll be disinfecting the surfaces regularly throughout the day.”

There’s a devoted time for seniors to visit the museum: Thursday mornings from 10:00am until noon.

The museum is closed on Canada Day.