All that water falling from the sky the past couple days has to go somewhere. In the case of the Porcupine Mall overnight, a lot of it got inside.

The mall is closed today.  One of the stores affected is Giant Tiger.  Manager Tammy McIntyre got a call early in the morning.

“I came in to a little bit of a flood in the mall,” she reports.  “The mallway itself had a few inches of water and the store was full of water.  Water was rising everywhere.”

Store staff has been busy all day cleaning up the mess. A professional cleaning surface will sop up any remaining water and sanitize the store.  McIntyre hopes to be able to reopen in the morning. The big question is whether there was any damage to her store.

“At this point, I’m going to say no.  Don’t really see anything on the surface, just a little bit of inconvenient water.”

This is only the latest incident to hit Giant Tiger. A few years back, there was a fire in the roof caused by a burning garbage truck outside.  More than once, a car has crashed through a wall.  And now, flooding.

“We’re resilient out here,” McIntyre laughs.

This truck smashed through a wall of the Porcupine Mall near Giant Tiger on May 31.
(File photo)