The mayor of Timmins is pleased so far with how the people of the city have been dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

George Pirie is pleased with Stage 2 reopening which, among other things, allowed him to get a long overdue haircut.  He’s pleased with the precautions in place for that and other services… and with how physical distancing has taken hold.

“We don’t need to have a second wave. We can do business this way,” the mayor remarks. “And fundamentally, we don’t want to have a second wave for a lot of reasons, but economically we can’t afford it. There will be no money. There is no money.”

Mayor George Pirie
(City of Timmins)

Pirie also says it’s tough for the various graduating classes of 2020 around Timmins.  They have to make do with alternate grad ceremonies, relying on physical distancing and internet-based components.

He comments, however, that this all makes them a unique cohort.

“They should have a lot of stories to tell their kids and grandkids.  I mean really and truly, this is – I’m hoping – very, very unique in their experience and our collective experience.”