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Be aware of the bears

As the weather begins to warm up, wildlife will become more active.

The MNR and the OPP are reminding everyone of bears as they come out of hibernation. If there isn’t a lot of food available, they will come into residential areas and rummage through garbage.

Make sure you only put your garbage out the morning of pick up, and pick all fruits and berries as they ripen. If you see a bear and there is an immediate threat to your safety, call 911.

Safety Tips:

 Store garbage in waste containers with tight-fitting lids.

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 Put out garbage only on the morning of pickup.

 Put away bird feeders. Seed, suet and nectar also attract bears.

 Pick fruits and berries as they ripen — don’t let them rot on the ground.

 Clean outdoor barbecue grills after each use, including the grease trap underneath. Bears will

be drawn by smells from great distances, including grease and food residue on grills.

 Keep dogs on leash; sometimes bears will follow off-leash dogs back to you.

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