There will be a Mountjoy Farmers Market this summer, and it will be back on Riverside Drive.

Because of COVID-19, however, it will be smaller.  Porcupine District Agricultural Society president Rock Whissell says the committee has decided not to start the season on July 1st, but three days later.

“We’re trying to keep the distancing to a minimum,” he explains, “so I think it’s a little scary to start on that date because of everybody looking for something to do.  So I think the first Saturday is our normal morning, and we’ll be starting on that day.”

Another difference imposed by the pandemic: no craft vendors this year.

“We’ll have a limit of ten food vendors – vendors that have been supporting us in the past,” says the president. “They will be setting up in their own little tents – so a ten-by-ten tent throughout the parking lot to give us our distancing.”