Every day at noon for the duration of the COVID-19 emergency, a group led by Mayor George Pirie called the Timmins Health Table will issue an update. 


Mayor George Pirie says the most common complaint during restrictions related to the COVID-19 outbreak centres on young people congregating in parking lots or other spaces.

“Remember that one positive case that we’ve announced this week is in that age group from 11 to 19,” Pirie told his Health Table.  “Be aware of the fact that of course anybody can get this and you get it any time.  There’s an awful lot of individuals out there that are asymptomatic that have it.”

“The vast majority of the population within the city of Timmins and the district are following these rules and we’ve been very successful.  We want to keep this up, especially as the economy is gradually opened up.”


Timmins property tax bills were put in the mail last week.

City CAO Dave landers says not to worry if the COVID-19 pandemic has you in dire economic straits.

“City Hall is closed to public but can be reached virtually online or through the Service Timmins telephone lines for anyone who needs to negotiate a deferral of payment,” he says. “That’s something we can do through our tax department so please call the City of Timmins.”

Here is raw audio of today’s session: