Character arrives when it’s most needed. It defines us, our community and our country.

There are stories every day of people exhibiting the type of character that makes them a hero.

Share your stories about those people whose character shines bright. It could be the nurses and doctors who do amazing work every day. It could be your neighbour up the street to goes out of their way to make sure you’re taken care of. Or maybe it’s a teacher that’s been a special influence.

Here are your current HALL OF HEROES:

Karen Hutchison - Karen Hutchison was nominated by Marie-Josee Filo who says Karen is a hero because she is a shining star in Timmins. She ... more ›
Alexander Poirier-Palubiskie - Alexander Poirier-Palubiskie Alex Poirier-Palubiskie was nominated by Jessica Palubiskie who says is a hero because during all of this he is continuing ... more ›
Deejay Kramp - Deejay Kramp Deejay Kramp was nominated by Tammy Labelle who says he is a hero because everyday he goes trucking to support ... more ›