Every weekday at noon and on some weekends for the duration of the COVID-19 emergency, a group led by Mayor George Pirie called the Timmins Health Table will issue an update.

Here are some of the messages coming out of the call on Saturday, March 28.


Source: Porcupine Health Unit

The Porcupine Health Unit will not issue a news release from now on every time a COVID-19 test comes back positive.

That word from medical officer of health, Doctor Lianne Catton.

“This does not mean that we are not providing the information nor does it mean that we are not providing daily regular updates.  That will continue,” she remarks.  “It will simply not be in the format of a formal news release. We have all the connections with all of our media partners who have been extremely helpful using all of their channels available to get this information out and we will continue to do so.

News director Bob McIntyre will be speaking live with Doctor Catton Monday at 10:00am on 93.1 Moose FM.


The COVID-19 emergency seems to be trumping the annual spring flooding emergency in the James Bay coastal community of Kashechewan.

Timmins mayor George Pirie says it hasn’t been decided yet whether the population of 1,700 will be relocated to Timmins.

“They want to stay where they are and again the message is very, very, very clear,” says the mayor.  “All the First Nations in the area from Wahgoshig to Mattagami to up the coast, Kashechewan, are isolating themselves from us.”

“As you can imagine with the history of the relationship,” Pirie continues, “they would like to stay away from any viruses we give them.  So they want to stay there for all the right reasons, and we want to support them in their objective to be where they feel safest and healthiest.”


Mayor Pirie also noted that as of noon hour today, the Spruce Hill Lodge retirement home in South Porcupine is down to its last case-and-a-half of toilet paper.  The doors are locked, but he said anyone can drop off donations of toilet paper at the front door.

Here’s the unedited audio of today’s update: