UPDATE 3:00PM TUESDAY: The surge is over at Timmins and District Hospital… and it’s back to business as usual.

The surge plan was implemented on Friday… when the number of admissions to the hospital exceeded the number of beds.

Infection control and risk management coordinator Jodie Russell says that by Monday morning, things had eased enough… and people being kept in ER and the day surgery area were in beds upstairs.  But the situation is still being monitored closely…as the hospital deals with a lot of influenza, pneumonia and other winter-related illness and injury.

A “Surge Plan” in effect at Timmins and District Hospital.

There are more patients admitted to the hospital than beds to accommodate them.

Infection control and risk management coordinator Jodie Russell says the flu is one factor having an impact.

“Definitely we are seeing influenza,” he confirms. “Definitely we are seeing pneumonia.  Definitely we’re seeing gastro-enteritis.  But we are still seeing some chest pain, some congestive heart failure, some falls and fractures, but it’s the net effect of all of those admissions that have put us in surge at the moment.”

The extra patients are being kept in the emergency department and the day surgery area… waiting for beds to open upstairs.

“It’s critically important for us to be able to do that,” Russell explains. “Once our emergency gets full, it really impacts on our ability to provide urgent and emergent care to the residents of the city of Timmins.”

Wait times in the ER are expected to be extra long while the situation persists… so you’re asked to avoid it for non-emergency issues. And if you have any cold, flu or gastro symptoms, you’re asked not to visit.