The Downtown Timmins farmers market is back, even though it’s winter and almost Christmas.

BIA executive director Noella Rinaldo says it was held last Thursday in the pop-up market location on Third Avenue and the farmers will be back one more time, this Thursday.

“Surprisingly” notes Rinaldo, “a lot of them have produce, which is really exciting, that a lot of them are able to still have winter squash, potatoes, onions, even carrots.”

All three local meat producers will be there, so you can order your fresh turkey.

And there will be lots of baking.

“We’ll have two bakers,” says Rinaldo.  “One of them is our (Finnish) bread lady, who’s our Finnish baker, so she’ll be bringing all the Finnish baking and we have Mitch there, who’s one of our market bakers and he’ll have all of his.”

There is also a wide selection of locally grown root vegetables, and Southern Ontario apples.