Serving meals is what volunteers at the Lord’s Kitchen do.  So they’re taking their show on the road to Boston Pizza on Wednesday, December 4th.

President Deanna Russell says between 5:00pm and 8:30pm, they’ll be helping serve customers, and the restaurant will give them a portion of its food sales profit.

“And we hope to have a few 50-50 draws through the evening,” Russell adds, “and we’d love to see our friends, supporters and family come out and eat, because the more they eat, the more we make.”

Back home on Spruce Street North, the Lord’s Kitchen serves supper to the needy every Thursday night, and breakfast every Friday morning.

“The numbers have gone up since last year, for example,” Russell outlines.  “We’re over 200 every evening.”

Russell says the weekly average for Friday breakfast is over 100  people.