Rock faces are along every highway in Northern Ontario.  Now, the newest exhibit at the Timmins Museum: National Exhibition Centre provides a new way of looking at them.

Director-curator Karen Bachmann says Kirkland Lake artist Marc Brisson takes digital photos of rock faces, then manipulates them to put human faces on them.

“And it’s going to give you an idea,” Bachmann remarks.  “You’re going to use your imagination afterwards and see how many people you can find in them.”

Appropriately called “Rock Faces”, the exhibit at the museum until November 29.

Brisson will be at the museum tonight (Thurs.) between 5:00 and 7:00.

“Escapees” by Marc Brisson.
(Bob McIntyre, staff)

“He does an excellent job of getting you to think a little bit differently about our landscapes,” Bachmann adds. “So he’s got this collection and he’s also showing another smaller collection called his escapees.  They’re small little rock people and they all have a backstory.”