New report urges incoming Liberal government to develop business strategy

The Business Council of Canada has released a report urging the incoming Liberal minority government to develop a strategy on how to make Canada more prosperous.

It is calling for a boost to immigration to supply the labour force and for Ottawa to ease regulations, update the tax system, and develop a national-resources strategy with the help of the premiers. The lobby group represents the country’s top CEOs.

Prime Minister Trudeau looking for input on how to best represent Western Canada

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is consulting former Liberal deputy prime minister Anne McLellan and Ambassador to France Isabelle Hudon about the make-up of his new government.

Trudeau is looking for input as he tries to figure out how Alberta and Saskatchewan will be represented in government and in cabinet, given the Liberals didn’t win a seat in either province. He has ruled out a formal agreement with any of the opposition parties and plans to govern by getting the support necessary to pass legislation on a case-by-case basis.

Saskatchewan Premier wants meeting with Prime Minister

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe wants to sit down with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to talk about national unity.

Talk of western alienation has risen since last week’s election and Moe wants to discuss how different parts of the country can get back on the same page.