Advance polls now open ahead of federal Election Day

Canadians can mix a little politics with their turkey this weekend as advance voting has begun for the federal election.

The party leaders have also entered the home stretch, picking up the pace of cross-country travel and cramming more events into their days.

Etiquette experts say leave the election talk away from the dinner table

Etiquette experts say conflicting views about who should win the federal election could turn Thanksgiving dinner into a minefield.

One is repeating a golden rule for any celebratory gathering and advising everyone to stay away from politics and religion. However, if you must discuss politics, experts say you should not take things personally, and remain civil.

Mass evacuations in Southern California as wildfire threatens

Pacific Gas and Electric has restored power for more than half of the nearly two-million Northern California residents who lost electricity when it shut down operations to prevent its equipment from sparking wildfires.

However, there’s a threat of widespread outages in Southern California after the winds moved to the Los Angeles area, where a wildfire has prompted officials to order 100-thousand people out of their homes in the foothills of the San Fernando Valley.