North Korea and U.S. to resume nuclear negotiations

It’s back to the bargaining table.

A senior North Korean diplomat says North Korea and the United States have agreed to resume nuclear negotiations on Saturday following a months-long stalemate over withdrawal of sanctions in exchange for disarmament. The North Korean First Vice Foreign Minister says in a statement this morning that North Korea and the United States will have a preliminary contact on Friday before holding working-level talks on Saturday. He expressed optimism over the outcome of the meeting but did not say where it would take place.

Federal election campaign over the halfway mark

One main party leader remains out west while the others are in Ontario with the federal election campaign over the halfway mark.

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh will spend an eighth straight day campaigning in B.C., promoting his $10-billion plan for universal, affordable child care. Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer are making morning announcements in greater Toronto.

Main political parties getting passing grade on environmental thinking, with one exception

The main political parties are getting a passing grade from environmental groups when it comes to thinking about the environment, with one exception.

The Conservatives declined to answer the questions in a pair of surveys released Tuesday morning. A Conservative spokesman is defending the party’s decision to send a brief statement instead of answering questions, saying that the Tory plan is the most comprehensive ever released by an opposition party.

Circle of administration officials with knowledge of U.S. President Trump’s phone call to Ukraine widening

The circle of administration officials with knowledge of American President Donald Trump’s phone call to Ukraine is widening.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo listened in on the July 25th conversation in which Trump tried to get Ukraine’s president to investigate political rival Joe Biden’s family. Two officials who spoke on condition of anonymity confirmed Pompeo’s involvement.

Researchers find risks associated with red meat not worth giving it up

Eating red meat is linked to cancer and heart disease, but are the risks big enough to give up burgers and steak?

In a series of papers published Monday, a team of international researchers says probably not, contradicting established advice. The researchers say the increased risks are small and uncertain and that cutting back likely wouldn’t be worth it for people who enjoy meat.