You’ve probably noticed that we’ve had a lot of rain and high humidity lately.

So natural resources ministry forest fire information officer Isabelle Chenard says the forest fire hazard in most of the Northeast region is mainly low to moderate.

“We do have some isolated areas in the province that are showing a high hazard,” she notes, however, “mostly in the southeastern most portion of the fire region and in the far north.”

That low to moderate rating could be increased next week, when temperatures are expected to soar into the mid-to-high twenties.

Chenard notes that you could take advantage of that to clean eavestroughs, get pine needles off your roof, and prune your trees and bushes.

“Make sure if you’re doing that and you’re getting rid of woody debris around the yard,” she advises, “that you’re doing it in a safe fashion by either composting, using your local landfill or following the rules for safe outdoor burning.”