Management at the Kamiskotia Snow Resort has been working hard to diversify and start making a profit, and it came to city council this week to ask for help.

Director Reilly Heffernan outlined how expenses have been cut by 13 percent; more weddings are using the chalet; land is leased out for motocross competitions;l  and the resort’s looking into mud bogging and bike trails.

The millstone around its neck, says Heffernan, is covering the expense caused by back taxes.

“What we’re asking for is a grant of $160,000 spread out over five years or as a lump sum,” he told Mayor George Pirie and his councillors, “to eliminate the interest and penalties we’ve accumulated over our tax arrears.”

General manager Eric Philipow said the resort needs to make a $130,000 profit every year to bring its infrastructure up to decent standards. He said it’s been 30 years since any major improvements have been carried out.

“So every little bit we can save, if we can not pay the additional $32,000 out of our pocket for those back taxes,” Philipow claimed, “that goes a long way to making up that gap.”

A receptive city council will decide on the grant request, once it receives a business plan from Kamiskotia.