Cochrane Summerfest gets underway tonight with Live at the Lakeside and its presentation of Cochrane’s Got Talent.

Summerfest chair Roxanne Desroches says the big day is tomorrow, when everything’s happening on the peninsula centered around a new attraction, a ferris wheel.

“The suns always shines at Summerfest and everybody always has a good time, rain or shine,” a cheerily optimistic Desroches says, scoffing at the weather forecast for rain.

“I like to look at it as the glass is half full,” she philosophizes. “ It’s going to be wonderful.  It’s going to be nice, although a little cool, I think that in the past we’ve had extreme heat, the cool weather might be welcome and 20 degrees is actually very comfortable.”

So what happens if it does rain?

“We do have the pavilion building especially for that.  So if there happens to be a short rainfall, we can all take cover in the pavilion.”