There’s something new every week at the Mountjoy Farmers Market, Saturday morning on Riverside Drive, just west of the bridge.

Chairman Garnet Wilcox says this week, that includes baked goods and a contest.

“We have a new vendor that makes bread and muffins and things like that coming in for the first time,” he tells My Timmins Now Dot Com. “We also have a contest going on.  People can basically win, once they make a purchase they get a ballot, they come and see me.  I’m going to have a little booth set up with some things for the Timmins Fall Fair and then they have a chance to win free passes for Fall Fair weekend.”

Wilcox is the guy who always wears a cowboy hat.

No promises, but he says there could be blueberries, raspberries and Saskatoon berries for sale at tomorrow’s market.

But with everything sold there, you’re best to arrive early, when the customer traffic is the busiest.

“We did actually a traffic counter last week and in the last half of the market,” Wilcox says.  “We probably had about 200 people and I betcha we had double that in the first half.  So we might have had say 500 people come through last market.  That’s definitely good.”

The market runs every Saturday from 9:00am to 1:00pm, or while supplies last.