The Timmins Victor M. Power Airport had an unusual visitor over the weekend.

A motor glider that’s flying around the world landed there on Sunday.

It’s being flown alternately by two young women from India.

Airport manager Dave Dayment says the aircraft took off Sunday afternoon headed for Thunder Bay, but the pilot still turned back.

“With the weather we’ve had here recently,” he mentions, “ kind of warm and they don’t fly extremely high, so it was low level turbulence and she just decided that it wasn’t a good day to go that distance with that kind of turbulence and that was more convective, so she came back and spent the night here.”

A motor glider is a small, usually two-seater plane with the long wing span of a glider and small engine and propeller on the front.  Dayment says they’re not very fast and can only go a couple thousand feet up.

The round-the-world trip is part of a program to get women in India interested in flying.

“And this is what they’re trying to promote in flying around the world,” says Dayment, “to show that a dream, if women have it, they can certainly exceed and meet their dreams.”