Something decidedly different, even for the Timmins Museum: National Exhibition Centre, is on the gallery walls for the rest of the summer.

The exhibit is called “Fibre Content”.  It showcases the talent of a group of Southern Ontario artists whose work incorporates some of the same techniques as quilting, but isn’t something you could throw on your bed.

Museum assistant Paul Raiche says for something that’s usually considered a craft, this context of fabric as an artistic medium is novel.

“Textiles in fine art are kind of gaining a little bit more of a reputation, more of a legitimacy I guess and I guess this show represents that in a really, really interesting and diverse way,” he explains.

Raiche points out one other unusual aspect: an interactive component.

“People can actually go up and touch some of these, which is usually a big no-no in a gallery situation,” Raiche says.  “For this, there’s a sanctioned space where you can look at the different techniques and really get a hands-on feel for these different mediums.”

My Timmins Now Dot Com: “Yeah, and feel the texture.”

Raiche: “Yes, the texture, of course.”

The exhibit is at the museum until September 1st, during normal hours.  Admission is always free.